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Fundraising Pages

How to login to your personal fundraising page:  

  1. Go to Fundraiser Login at the Active website.  
  2. Enter the username and password you created during registration.
  3. Click on “Campaign Center” to access your personal page.
  4. If you are a team captain, make sure you are selecting the proper campaign listed under the menu bar. You should have one for the team and one as a member. Select the one you want to edit. 

How to customize your personal fundraising page:

  1. Click on “Customize my Webpage” along the top menu bar.
  2. On the “Edit Campaign Details” page, you can customize the “title”, “tagline”, and “welcome message” for your page. Here's your chance to introduce your cause, give details on why you're raising money, and how it will benefit your cause.
  3. To upload a photo to your personal page click on “upload images” and select an image saved on your computer. (Please note that images should be less than 600 pixels in width).
  4. When you set a Fundraising Goal, a tracking thermometer will be created on your personal page for your contributors to see.
  5. Under display options, you can select how you want to display your top contributors and total donations, if desired.
  6. After making all changes, be sure to click on “Save & Finish” at the bottom of the page. 

What else can you do?  

  1. If you would like to upload addresses from your Outlook address book, go to your personal donation page. Click on “SEND EMAIL” in the top menu bar. Click on “MANAGE ADDRESS BOOK” in the second menu bar. Select “Click here to import address from Outlook”. You should now have step by step instructions.
  2. You can send out messages via social networking sites asking friends and family to make an online donation to your personal page. For example, with Facebook you can post a link to your personal online fundraising page on your wall for everyone in your network to see or send direct messages to all your Facebook friends linking your fundraising page.
  3. Track your online donations. Click on “View Reports’ to see who has made a donation to you. You can also send a Thank You email to these contributors by checking the box next to the contributors name and then clicking on “email selected contributors” at the bottom of the page.

If you are having difficulty, please feel free to contact Active’s customer support at (877) 228-4881 or support@active.com.