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One of the SEMPAC's main goals is to identify and mentor junior faculty to work on cancer disparities research. A community mentorship program has been established for junior investigators to work closely with community members on various research projects. A list of the available variables in the data set can be obtained from the SEMPAC Training Core Leader, Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D.

Peter A. Lichtenberg, Ph.D., ABPP
LitchbergPeter A. Lichtenberg, Ph.D., ABPP is the Director of The Institute of Gerontology and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute. He is also a Professor of Psychology at Wayne State University. He received his bachelor’s degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and his Master’s and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Purdue University. After his internship he completed a post doctoral fellowship in geriatric neuropsychology at the University of Virginia Medical School where he also became a faculty member. A clinician and researcher throughout his career Dr. Lichtenberg has made contributions to the practice of psychology across a variety of areas including in long term care, in medical rehabilitation with those suffering from late life depression, and age-related dementias. In 1997 he was awarded a Diplomate in Rehabilitation Psychology.


Dr. Lichtenberg is active in his research on issues related to late life depression, minority health and aging, dementia and disability. He has written three books and edited three more and has over 130 peer reviewed publications. He is a Fellow of both the American Psychological Association and the Gerontological Society of America. He has won numerous national and local awards He serves as the President of the APA Division of Adult Development and Aging and recently he served as Chair of the APA Committee on Aging (2008), on the APA Presidential Task Force on Integrated Care for an Aging Population (2007) and Chair of the Behavioral and Social Science Section of the Gerontological Society of America (2007)., Dr. Lichtenberg has been the Director of the Institute of Gerontology for the past 12 years and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for 2 years and serves on a number of national, state and local boards relevant to aging in our society.

Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., ABPP
Director, Institute of Gerontology
Professor, WSU- Psychiatry/Behavioral Neurosciences
& Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
87 E. Ferry - 226 Knapp Building
Detroit, MI 48202

Telephone: 313-577-2297
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AlbrechtTerrance L. Albrecht, Ph.D., MLIR

Associate Center Director
Population Studies and Disparities Research
Associate Center Director, Population Sciences

Leader, Population Studies and Disparities Research Program

Karmanos Cancer Institute
4100 John R- HP1026
Detroit, MI 48201

Telephone: 313-576-8262
Fax: 313-576-8270


Denise Cunningham, Assistant
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Louis Penner, Ph.D.
Professor, Wayne State University
Program Leader, Communication/Behavioral Oncology

pennerLouis A. Penner received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Michigan State University in 1969 He is the author or co-author of over 115 scholarly articles and book chapters and eight books. He has served on the editorial boards of numerous professional journals and is currently a member of an NIH study panel. His current research interests are psychosocial variables in the context of serious diseases and the reduction of health disparities. He is currently the PI on one NCI grant that focuses on parents’ influence on treatment-related stress among pediatric cancer patients and their families, and a Co-PI on another grant from NCI that focuses on disparities in cancer treatment. Penner is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the Society of Experimental Social Psychologists, and the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Karmanos Cancer Institute
4100 John R HP1026
Detroit, MI 48201

Telephone: 313-576-8261
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Susan Eggly, PhD
Associate Professor
Population Studies and Disparities Program
Department of Oncology

EgglySusan Eggly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology at Wayne State University and a Scientist in the Population Studies and Disparities Program at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. She received her Ph.D. in communication studies at Wayne State University. Her research focuses on clinician-patient communication and patient outcomes in a variety of medical contexts, including cancer, primary care, end-of-life, and pediatrics. She has ongoing, NIH-funded research in the areas of clinical communication and outcomes related to clinical trials, health disparities, treatment decision, pain, and parental bereavement. Most of her work involves systematic analysis of real-time video recordings of clinical interactions with physicians, patients, and patients’ companions. She and Lou Penner are co-PIs for the Full Research Project for a U54 Community Network Program award addressing cancer health disparities in Older, Underserved African Americans with cancer in the Detroit area.

Wayne State University School of Medicine/Karmanos Cancer Institute
4100 John R
Detroit, MI 48201

Phone 313 576-8260