Improving Patient Doctor Communication (IPDC)

doctor patient“Improving Patient-Doctor Communication” is aimed at designing, implementing, and testing an intervention that will significantly change African American patients’ attitudes toward and their behavior during clinical interactions. This change in attitudes and behavior will directly change patients’ and oncologists’ attitudes and beliefs about treatment, thus leading to more appropriate treatment decisions by both African American patients and their oncologists.

The specific aims are:

1) to collaborate with our community partners to develop and pilot-test a patient-oriented, theoretically driven, scientifically sound, and practical intervention to improve the quality of communication and information exchange during clinical interactions in which African American patients discuss treatment with their oncologists

2) to test the effectiveness of the intervention developed in Aim 1 through a three-arm randomized controlled trial with African American patients with stage I, II, or III breast cancer or stage II or III colorectal or lung cancer at two urban cancer centers in metropolitan Detroit.