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seniorsThe Community Outreach Program is designed specifically to benefit older, underserved African Americans by addressing cancer health disparities. Working with critical community partners, the program is building upon known resources, identifying needs and new resources, developing, implementing and assessing health promotion and educational activities, improving health literacy, and by partnering closely with research projects, improving patient provider communication. The work of the program is performed by the SEMPAC Outreach program staff, the Community Advisory Committee and the Outreach Advisory Committee. The Community Outreach program aims to foster and support partner collaborations for the purposes of expanding cancer awareness, education and community based participatory research addressing cancer health disparities experienced by older African Americans residing in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. Further the program seeks to increase the use of evidence-based cancer awareness and education programs across the region and to cultivate an informed community that will support sustained participation in cancer prevention, screening, clinical trials and research directed at reducing cancer health disparities.